Amores en zarza

Música de Federico Chueca, Joaquin Valverde, José Serrano, Pablo Sorozabal, Ruperto Chapí, Geronimo Gimenez

Text: Nando López
Teatro de la Zarzuela Production (Proyecto Zarza)

Amores en Zarza

Teatro de la Zarzuela - Madrid (Spain)

Première February 26th 2021

Madrid, XIX century, in the evening of 15th August.

A group of young boys and girls meet in a park on the outskirts, ready to get on a Cercanías train to La Latina to celebrate the Paloma festivities. However, their mood this year is different from other times. Perhaps because before what they call maturing, everything seemed to be easier or, at least, they did not have to face situations that now cause them too many doubts.

Like Mikel, who can't quite get the idea that her boyfriend has decided to leave the country; or Rebeca, who just wants to leave behind the toxicity of her history with Julio; or Manuel, who doesn't get along with Tania leaving him for Sara; or Nadima and Helena, who are fed up with having to leave their skin in jobs where they pay little and badly ...

So his initial plan to go to the festival is altered the moment their secrets and confidences begin to come to light, with which in addition to ending certain stories, chance causes new ones to be born, although perhaps It is not chance that is the real culprit of what happens in this particular, and something Shakespearean, summer night, but a magical filter that Tania and Indira say they carry with them and with which, despite the skepticism of their friends, they will end up binding their lives of all ...

Or, at least, making it possible that, if we decide to let ourselves be carried away by magic and music, it will happen.

Creative team

Conductor and piano: Miquel Ortega

Stage Direction: Rita Cosentino

Set design and costumes: Elisa Sanz

Lighting design: Juanjo Llorens

Coregraphie: Nuria Castejón

Acting training: Aarón Martin


Mikel: Pascual Laborda

Tania: Sylvia Parejo

Indira: Soraya Estévez

Borja: Ferrán Fabà

Alicia: María Gago

Rebeca: Lola Segura

Carmen: Ángela Rucas

Nadima: Raquel del Pino

Álex: Mayim Temine

Julio: Andrían Salcedo

Helena: Cristina García

Nelson: José Pastor

Luis: David Pérez

Manuel: Luis Maeso

Sara: Nuria Pérez

Amores en zarza
Amores en zarza


Amores en zarza
Amores en zarza
Amores en zarza
Amores en zarza
Amores en zarza

Photography: Javier del Real


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